1.3. – 8.3.2012

Retrospective 2012   // Karina Ressler

© Magdalena Blaszczuk

We dedicate the third “Personale” of the FrauenFilmTage to the editor Karina Ressler.

Since over twenty years she creates internationally award-winning feature films and documentaries. Among others, Karina Ressler was responsible for the editing of “Lourdes” by Jessica Hausner, “Revanche” by Götz Spielmann, “Schläfer” by Benjamin Heisenberg, “Fallen” by Barbara Albert, “Ein Augenblick Freiheit” by Arash T. Riahi, “Tag und Nacht” by Sabine Derflinger or “Empire Me” by Paul Poet.

The creative work of Karina Ressler as an editor impresses through her filmanalytical competence, her enthusiasm for sophisticated film projects and her dedication to women’s issues and sociopolitical topics.

In 2010 Karina Ressler got the Honorary Award of Carinthia for electronic media, photography and film followed by the Austrian Film Award for the editing of “Lourdes” by Jessica Hausner in 2011.


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