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All english films 2013 at a glance

GV/EV - german/english version
ogs/oes - original with german/english subtitles

NOTE: This list contains only films in english or with english subtitles.

All is well

Pocas Pascoal, Portugal 2012, 96 min, feature film, color, BlueRay, oes 

Artist Pocas Pascoal reworks the story of her escape from Angola in this award-winning film. Having fled from the civil war in Angola she eventually arrives in Lisbon together with her sister. There the two teenage girls try to get by while waiting for their mother to join them. Above all, the film explores the uncertainties and dangers they face as destitute refugees left to fend for themselves in what is very much a male-dominated society. The belief that they can depend on the loyalty of fellow refugees within the local community is soon shattered, however. Even so, they try to make do as best they can with dignity and composure.

Invisible War

Kirby Dick, USA 2012, 93 min, documentary, color, BlueRay, EV 

An impressive documentary about a taboo subject in the US Army – sexual harassment and the rape of women soldiers by their own brothers-in-arms. Around 20 per cent of women sol-diers on active duty are confronted with this problem. Some of them speak out here along-side senior-ranking officers as well as female advocates and members of Congress who have taken up their cause. Their testimony casts a truly shameful light on the US Army: Of-ten, it refuses to pursue criminal prosecutions of such incidents or the cases get nowhere. Most of the perpetrators remain protected while the victims frequently find themselves pun-ished a second time for having come forward.

Le Sac de Farine

Kadija Leclere, Belgium/Marocco 2012, 90 min, feature film, color, DCP, oes 

1975: 8-year-old Sarah is abducted by her father from Belgium to a village in Morocco. She grows up in her aunt’s house. Instead of arithmetic Sarah now learns sewing and knitting. Her dream is to study in Belgium. Between arranged marriages and a hunger strike in Mo-rocco she loses her heart nine years later to the attractive Nari. Now she has to decide if she still wants to follow her dream.

Director Kadija Leclere relates this Belgian and Moroccan story which is based on her own autobiographical experiences with humour and passion and reveals at many different levels how people can take their destiny into their own hands.

The film won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Mannheim-Heidelberg film festival in 2012.


Retrospective 2013   // Veronika Hlawatsch

Ulrike Ottinger, Austria/Germany 2007, 104 min, documentary, color, 35mm, oes 

Ulrike Ottinger’s Prater transforms the popular Viennese “site of sensations” into a cinematic experience with beguiling images. Prater dynasties talk about their lives as fairground folk. We are introduced to the descendants of the “Man without a Torso” who, together with his wife and children, set up amusements and entertainments around 1900, many of which still survive today. We meet the owners of the Schweizerhaus, the managers of a top restaurant whose predecessors were beaters on imperial hunts and the Prater’s very own Mr. Fix-It, Heinzi, who carefully repairs illusion machines that have been taken out of service. Watch out for guest appearances by Elfriede Jelinek, Elfriede Gerstl, Herbert J. Wimmer, Ursula Storch, Werner Schwarz and Veruschka.

Take this waltz

opening feature

Sarah Polley, Canada/Spain/Japan 2011, 116 min, feature film, color, DCP, ogs 

Margot (Michelle Williams), 28, is happily married to cookbook author Lou (Seth Rogen) – until she takes an immediate liking to Daniel, that is, who she meets on a plane during a business trip. When it turns out that Daniel lives just across the street from Margot in Toronto the two start meeting more frequently. Margot has to decide between the security of the fond and familiar, and the new risks of the unknown. Sarah Polley’s film about desire and the question whether love can last forever is a gentle comedy with a bittersweet touch.

"A WONDERFUL MOVIE (...) full of music, color and warmth." – A.O. Scott, NY TIMES.

“Michelle Williams interprets this character as I've never seen an actress embody a woman before.” – Wim Wenders, ELLE.

San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 2012: Best Actress Michelle Williams.
Vancouver Film Critics Circle 2012: Best Actress in a Canadian Film Michelle Williams.

UFO in her Eyes

Xiaolu Guo, China 2011, 110 min, feature film, color, 35mm, oes 

Kwok Yun (Shi Ke) is almost 40 years old and single. Although she generally upholds the traditions of her community, she has an affair with the local village teacher. After a tryst in the paddy field she suddenly hears a strange sound. Looking up to the sky she believes what she is seeing is a UFO. She dutifully reports her discovery to Comrade Chang, the village chief, and a woman, too, who loses no time in making preparations for the hordes of tourists now expected to descend on the village. Director and author Xiaolu Guo uses a lot of humour to depict the downsides of the upheavals in China.

Virgin Tales

Mirjam von Arx, CH 2012, 87 min, documentary, color, DCP, ogs 

Evangelical Christians are calling out for a second sexual revolution: chastity! As a counter-movement to the attitudes and practices of today's culture, one in eight girls in the US has vowed to remain "unsoiled" until marriage. But the seven children of the Wilson family, foun-ders of the Purity Ball, take this concept of purity of body and mind one step further; Even their first kiss will be at the altar. For two years the filmmakers follow the Wilson's as some of their children prepare for their fairytale vision of romance and marriage and seek out their own prince and princess spouses. In the process, a broader theme emerges: How the reli-gious right is grooming a young generation of virgins to embody an evangelically-grounded utopia in America.

Virgin Tales was awarded the 2012 Zurich Film Prize.

VIS-Short Film Programme

austrian premiere


Just like FrauenFilmTage, VIS Vienna Independent Shorts are also celebrating their tenth anniversary this year. Austria’s biggest short film festival is now making its second guest ap-pearance, this time with (re-)discoveries from the past ten years.

The combination of ten films provides an attractive and multi-faceted retrospective of encounters with the familiar and foreign at home and abroad. We set off on a distant journey and experience the unknown before finding ourselves, grinning, back in the mundane topography of daily life. As a bonus, a surprise film will have its Austrian premiere at FrauenFilmTage!

Curated by Julia Fabrick and Alexandra Valent


Oh I’m so happy
Cecilia Lundqvist, Sweden 2008, 3 min (VIS 2009)

Kleine Reise
Claire Walka, Germany 2003, 2 min (VIS 2005)

Fulana (Cristina Ibarra, Marlène Ramirez-Cancio, Lisandra Ramos-Grullón, Andrea Thome), USA 2005, 59". (VIS 2006)

Ingrid Chikhaoui, France/USA 2011, 18 min (VIS 2012)

Elke Groen, Austria 2007, 9 min (VIS 2008)

Miten marjoja poimitaan / How to Pick Berries
Elina Talvensaari, Finland 2010, 19 min (VIS 2011)

Haysha Royko
Miranda July, USA 2003, 4 min. (VIS 2007)

Sina Moser, Austria 2002, 2 min (VIS 2004)

Wo ich bin ist oben
Bettina Schoeller, Germany 2010, 18 min (VIS 2010)

Surprise film   (austrian premiere)

Women’s day

Maria Sadowska, Poland 2012, 96 min, feature film, color, DCP, oes 

Halina, a quiet, conscientious checkout assistant in a Polish supermarket chain is unexpect-edly promoted to the position of store manager. She soon discovers that in her new role she ruthlessly has to force the usual exploitative and humiliating business practices on her former colleagues. She begins to question these conventions and ends up publicly stepping into the ring to fight for the rights of working women. Based on a true story, the film shows how Ha-lina stops being a shy, submissive creature and successfully becomes a confident cam-paigner.

In her debut feature, director Maria Sadowska has managed to weave a very serious subject into a story that is both funny and humorous at times. Women’s Day won the prize for best movie at the Cottbus Festival of Eastern European Film.


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