Patronage 2014

Foto: Andrea Kremper

Dear film aficionados and festival audience

“Women pioneers and adventuresses” are at the heart of this year’s FrauenFilmTage. This is a headline as well as a compelling promise. In the following concentrated days we will meet strong characters to inspire us – no matter if they were victorious or defeated.  And that - in my view - is a central function of the “committed” film: not only to create insights on what was and is but also on what could be.  Whether we view the heroines with amazement, empathy or reverence, we are always prompted to consider and driven to reflect on our own actions.

The motto– women pioneers and adventuresses – also reflects on the festival itself: The pioneering days of the FrauenFilmTage are of course long gone – but having successfully put the festival on the map is just not enough for the organisers: they do not wish to rest on their laurels but instead they are determined to embark on further adventures to raise the awareness the many vital issues facing women all over the world and from all walks of life

Enjoy the festival and may you experience many gripping and breath taking moments!

Karola Kraus
Director of Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (MUMOK), Vienna


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