Review of FrauenFilmTage 2014

|:Plakat der FrauenFilmTage 2013:|

The FrauenFilmTage 2014 came to an end on 13 March 2014 after featuring a wide range of films at well attended screenings.

The films “WO ICH WOHNE – EIN FILM FUER ILSE AICHINGER” (screened as sneak preview), “OCTOPUS ALARM” with Alex Juergen as part of the Personale Elisabeth Scharang, RED WEDDING on the situation of forced-married women during the regime of Khmer Rouge, as well as BERTHA VON SUTTNER – LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, were only some of the films that attracted special interest. The interesting and varied program appealed to wide range of viewers.

Some of the films were also screened in Wels, Innsbruck and St. Poelten in cooperation with our partner organisations – and vice versa the FrauenFilmTage 2014 screened the short film KARE KARE ZVAKO. The director Tsitsi Dangarembga, one of the most important and well-known African writers and social activists, joined the festival in Vienna from Innsbruck where she currently is a “Writer in Residence”.

Films from Morocco, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Germany, Cambodia, Canada and Greece demonstrated the multi-faceted world of women’s filmmaking.

We are grateful to all our sponsors, cooperation partners, media partners and supporters for their continued support and cooperation to make this festival possible.

Gabi Frimberger


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