Retrospective 2015   // Katharina Wöppermann –
„The journey from motif to motif“

WÖPPERMANN Katharina © Katharina Wöppermann


»What I really like about working in film is that I get out into the world.«
(Katharina Wöppermann)

Katharina Wöppermann has been designing film sets on location or in the studio ever since the early 1980s. She first breathed the atmosphere of a film set as a young student when she carried out an undergraduate project in Munich. This „jump into the deep end”, as she describes it, reaped its reward: the former film crew emerged as a high-profile group of young film-makers. Wöppermann completed her studies in stage design at the University of Applied Arts and has always remained loyal to cinema – in an absolutely applied form.

»In principle it’s good for set designers to have a wide repertoire: in most cases they soon develop their signature styles.«
(Katharina Wöppermann)

Wöppermann’s field of activity is in permanent change. She now calls herself a production designer in accordance with the most common international term. Professionally, the renowned set designer constantly faces technical, aesthetic, visual, organisational and budgetary challenges. Most importantly, each assignment begins with detailed research and the gathering and visualisation of styles in the form of mood boards. The production designer loves this aspect of her work.

Wöppermann has previously received numerous awards, including the 2012 award at the Diagonale festival for best costume design in the movie „Stillleben” and the 2011 Austrian Film Award for best production design in the feature film „Women Without Men”. In 2004 she received the „scenographic award” for the set design of „Antares” at the Hofer Filmtage.

At the 2015 FrauenFilmTage, she shall be accorded a personal exhibition in honour of her wide array of stage sets and designs. There will be some chaired discussions between her and the audience as well as many opportunities for a mutual exchange of ideas.


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