Review of FrauenFilmTage 2015

[: Plakat der FrauenFilmTage 2015 :]

To sum up the FrauenFilmTage2015 (“Women’s Film Days 2015”): plenty ofvisitors, a great mood and lots of interest in our public Q&A discussions after the screenings!

For the opening at the iconic Filmcasino venue we screened the Austrian premiere of our guest director Andrea Štaka’s CURE – THE LIFE OF ANOTHER. Andrea Štaka had also opened the FrauenFilmTage with DAS FRÄULEIN (literally:“THE GIRL”), her first feature film, in 2007.

The official opening was hosted by journalist and author Sibylle Hamann, who also assumed honorary patronage duties for FrauenFilmTage 2015.


The fourth edition of the FrauenFilmTage award ceremony was held at the opening. Barbara Pichler, the outgoing director of the Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film, was honoured for her committed choice of programming, for her “Diagonale goes green” idea and for her many contributions to raising the visibility of women filmmakers.

The laudatory speech was held by Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg, the director of drehbuch FORUM (a screenwriters’ forum for Austrian filmmakers) as well as a publicist and film curator.

Designed by artist Vivien Schneider-Siemssen and funded by lawyer Dr Alexia Stuefer, the prize was awarded in cooperation with FRAUEN-ARBEIT-FILM – an initiative aimed at promoting the work of women in the film and media sectors.


Our retrospective concentrated on set design. We focused on the accomplished production designer Katharina Wöppermann. On three evenings, we screened three films for which she had designed the sets: IM KREISE DER LIEBEN (AMONGST THE LOVED ONES), WOMEN WITHOUT MEN and AMOUR FOU (I AM ME). In addition, we had the honour of welcoming director Hermine Huntgeburth, cinematographer Martin Gschlacht and director Jessica Hausner as our guests.


In terms of their content, many films explored the subject of women as combatants. Examples of cinema from Nigeria (THE SUPREME PRICE), South Africa (AFRICAN PRIDE), Ethiopia (DIFRET) or Colombia (THREE PUGNACIOUS WOMEN), to name but a few, showed how courageously women fight for their rights.

A further focal point was the subject of women and humour. We went on the trail of recent humorous international movies and Austrian short films. After the short film special, the invited panellists discussed the difficulties of creating humorous feature and documentary films.


In cooperation with our partners, we screened the film WOMEN’S DAY at the House of the European Union in the Wipplingerstrasse on 6 March 2015. The screening was preceded by an introductory talk on the situation of self-employed persons and “new work environments”. Here, too, spectators in the packed hall were thrilled by the carefully selected programme.


We are very pleased with the results of FrauenFilmTage 2015. About 1,500 visitors came to FrauenFilmTage 2015 in Vienna alone.


Some of the films we had picked were also screened in Austrian regions at cinemas such as Programmkino Wels, Cinema Paradiso St. Pölten and Cinema Paradiso Baden.


Finally, we’d like to express our thanks to all our sponsors, partners, promoters and media partners, as well as our private supporters, who helped make FrauenFilmTage 2015 possible.


Gabi Frimberger


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