Retrospective 2016   // Eva Testor

TESTOR Eva © Petro Domenigg


Eva Testor studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts with Professor Christian Berger whom she portrayed in her Documentary „Lichttage, Lichtnächte”. As a student, she was a member of the already legendary students´ excursions „Lichtsegeln”, famous for Christian Berger’s visionary lectures concerning sensation, light and colour.

Eva Testor´s works at the Film Academy with Jörg Kalt, „My Mother was a Butcher” and „Living in a Box” have received rewards at multiple Film festivals. Today colleagues from her student years and her early works are again members of her the film crew, among others the cutter Niki Mossböck. A continuous co-operation has developed over the years between Testor and the directors Mirjam Unger, Sabine Derflinger and Gabi Schweiger

Currently Testor is finishing her work on the ORF hit series „Vorstadtweiber” (Second Season, episodes 5-10) with the director Sabine Derflinger and the feature film „Maikäfer flieg!” by Mirjam Unger which is based on a novel by Christine Nöstlinger, and it will be proudly launched in 2016.


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