FrauenFilmTage 2017-Line of sight  
// trans Atlantic

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As a result of the political changes that await us, we are currently casting a concerned eye across the Atlantic.

For FrauenFilmTage 2017, we have adopted this perspective and taken a keen interest in new filmmakers from the USA. In doing so, we’ve come across outstanding feature films from first-time directors, unconventional storylines, and lovable characters coming to terms with their feelings and emotions – sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully.

Other additions to the programme include THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN by Kelly Fremon Craig featuring Hailee Steinfeld, whose achievements as an actress earned her a Golden Globe nomination; ALWAYS SHINE by Sophia Takal, and CLAIRE IN MOTION by Annie J. Howell & Lisa Robinson.

The Films

Always Shine
Claire in Motion
Eva Hesse
The Edge of Seventeen
Why Women Need To Climb Mountains



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