Review of FrauenFilmTage 2017

[: Plakat der FrauenFilmTage 2017 :]

On 10 March, FrauenFilmTage 2017 drew to a close, and the FrauenFilmTage team can now look back on the festival’s success with pride.

The shift from the Filmhaus Kino into the newly renovated METRO Kinokulturhaus following our grand opening in the Filmcasino was well received. The viewers immediately felt at ease and welcomed the international film programme with great enthusiasm. With around 2,000 attendees, we managed to build upon the success of last year.

As is tradition, our honorary prize was awarded as part of our grand opening. This year, it went to Elisabeth Schneider, managing director of the Radstadt Film Festival. She was delighted to receive the award and to know that her important cultural achievements were also recognised outside of Radstadt. The laudatory speech was given by Wolfgang Steininger, managing director of the Moviemento cinema in Linz and the Freistadt Heimatfilmfestival in Upper Austria.

Many films were particularly well attended. For instance, the grand opening on 2 March in the Filmcasino with the Icelandic-French feature film L’EFFET AQUATIQUE by Sólveig Anspach. Or the screening of the film NOBODY WANTS THE NIGHT as part of the Tribute dedicated to the internationally renowned director Isabel Coixet, for which she was in attendance. Similarly popular were THE EAGLE HUNTRESS by Otto Bell, about a young eagle hunter named Aisholpan, and the film WE USED TO BE COOL by Marie Kreutzer, which was shown as part of the presentation of the Personale award to Monika Buttinger for her work in costume design.

Highlights from the second week included HEAVEN WILL WAIT by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar about the radicalisation of young women, AGNUS DEI - THE INNOCENTS by Anne Fontaine and WHY WOMEN NEED TO CLIMB MOUNTAINS about the feminist historian Dr Gerda Lerner. The South African feature film HAPPINESS IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD provoked discussion with producer Bongiwe Selane, who afterwards participated in the “propro” (producer programme).

We collaborated for the second time with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the form of a competition. Students from all fields, as well as graduates who completed their studies within the last three years, submitted new short films and works on the subject of “relationships / love / sexuality”. From the shortlist, a jury selected Pille-Riin Jaik as the winner of the €1,000 prize.

In celebration of Helke Sander’s 80th birthday, we showed her documentary “The All-Round Reduced Personality: REDUPERS” at Admiral Kino. She came to Vienna for the screening and for two readings on FrauenFilmTage.

Some of the films on our programme were also shown by our provincial cooperative partners at Programmkino Wels, Cinema Paradiso St. Pölten and Cinema Paradiso Baden.

We thank all our sponsors, cooperative partners, media partners and supporters for their collaboration and all our guests for their attendance!

Gabi Frimberger
Festival director


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