Since 2010 the FrauenFilmTage present a successful austrian film-maker with parts of her oeuvre – the retrospective.

2018 // Lisa Oláh (Casting)

retrospective 2018 // Lisa Oláh (Casting)



The retrospective of the Vienna Women´s Film Festival 2018 is dedicated to Lisa Oláh and the subject of Casting. Her casting for Ruth Beckermanns THE DREAMED ONES was a major success, and the film won the main prize of the Diagonale film Festival in 2016. Current works of Oláh are LICHT for Barbara Albert, COPS for Stefan Lukacs and NEVRLAND for Gregor Schmidinger.

Together with Lisa Oláh and collegues we will give the audience insight into the task of casting of professional as well as amateur actors, exploring processes of discovery as well as the workflow of a segment of filmmaking that rarely gets the spotlight.

Interview (in german)

Die FrauenFilmTage stellten Lisa Oláh einige Fragen zu ihrer Arbeit als Casterin.

Wann beginnt deine Arbeit?

Eigentlich mit der Projektentwicklung. Nach dem Drehbuch bin ich das erste Department, das mit der Arbeit beginnt, oft ist das Drehbuch noch nicht ganz fertig.

Photo: © Stefan Oláh